Why Monster Hunter XX Could Be the Most Popular Nintendo Switch Game

Japanese video game developer Capcom, has announced Monster Hunter XX (pronounced Double Cross) a popular game for Nintendo Switch. It was revealed during this weekend’s Monster Hunter Championship, that Monster Hunter XX is set to release on August 25 on Nintendo’s new console. Its good news for Nintendo 3DS owners as Monster Hunter XX would support cross-platform multiplayer between 3DS and Switch. At present, only a Japanese version has been announced where it is ready to hit.

The popular monster hunting game is likely to give Nintendo Switch sales another boost in Japan. Monster Hunter XX is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations. It made its 3DS debut in March, that only in Japan. It features a new hub, additional monsters, two new hunter styles and a new difficulty setting. The games were sold due the 3DS told by Toto in CNBC interview and a lot of investors are expecting a similar effect with the Switch.

The games editor Rishi Alwani and friend podcast Mikhail Madnani and host Pranay Parab assembled to discuss things about Nintendo, on anniversary event of PS4 Slim bundles, PS3’s end, Far Cry 5, and the future of 32-bit games on iOS.The success of the Switch has seen Nintendo share prices raised by 102% year-on-year, which has helped the company to reach its highest closing level since 2010, and as the company is ready to launch its Nintendo Switch Online Service, the situation for Nintendo seems to improve further. Similar to Xbox Live and PSN, users will pay an annual fee to access online multiplayer which will net the company even more revenue. There is a lot riding on the Nintendo Switch console which was released earlier this year and has so far sold 2.74 million units. After strong sales in the US and Japan, Nintendo promises to double down on manufacturing the Nintendo Switch.

Capcom did not provide many details about “Monster Hunter XX”. While Nintendo has many firm brands of its own such as the Mario, Pokémon Go or Zelda games, and investors believe that it is capable to attract third party developers towards Switch console. The announcement of “Monster Hunter XX” adds hope that more third party games could be released.
On the topic of Microsoft, the company revealed the Xbox Game Pass – a Netflix-like subscription service promising over a 100 games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One for Xbox One user to play for Rs. 699 a month. While it sounds good, but does ailing console manufacturer needs only this much? Undoubtedly not.

While speaking of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft criticized and uncovered its setting, villains, protagonist, allies, and features. Enough to say, if you’ve been following the game’s leaks, you’ll know that they were 100 percent accurate, save for the PS4 getting extra content for the game.

As for Sony, the firm discontinued the production of the PS3 – a console that launched in 2006. Despite this constrained, Sony appeared generous to new PS4 buyers, although the brand new bundle available in India was offering around Rs. 10,000 worth of games and services, making it one of the better options for those curious on what the PS4 has to offer. That is not all; we also wondering what the next hero for it will be as Blizzard has initiated to ridicule its existence, making us to believe it would show up soon.

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