Which VR headsets will Scorpio Support ?

Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft’s Project Xbox Scorpio is set to launch the very next year, it is the next console Microsoft bringing to the table after the Xbox one which will be the most powerful home video gaming console ever created. Also, it is in news that Project Scorpio will feature major hardware upgrades which will support 4K-lite version and Virtual Reality and will be compatible with all existing Xbox one software and hardware. So by next year you will be able to play virtual reality games on your Xbox Scorpio. The Software giant, Microsoft made the announcement at Microsoft E3, games developers’ conference briefing this year. As revealed they have plans to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox one family devices, including Project Scorpio in 2018.

The Project Scorpio would be five times more powerful than the Xbox One. It will easy for game developers now to create games to work on both platforms, since Xbox One runs on windows. It will also render visual at 60Hz, which means silky effortless gameplay. It’s a proud that Microsoft has chosen to expand their Xbox family of devices with two new consoles AMD’s high-performance SoCs that will support new technologies like HDR, 4k and VR to enable the next generation of immersive gaming experiences.
But the question is that Scorpio will support which VR headset, as Microsoft does not have its own VR headset and probably not going to develop it so soon.

So it is supposed to use any of the available headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Headset, though he hasn’t partnered with any of these yet. But it is seen that Oculus Rift would be its probable choice, as Microsoft partnered with the Facebook backed company earlier in the year to launch every headset with an Xbox One controller. Also, the unified platform between PCs and Xbox will make easy for developers to port existing Rift games to Xbox one without any extra effort. Scorpio will feature better gaming experiences due to the more powerful components. Its early announcement reveals that Microsoft is serious about VR to fabricate it with the upcoming powerful console that will allow gamers to jump to another platform. So, just stay tuned with VR news for more such exciting news in VR world yet to happen and many more to come.

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