Watch UEFA champions league final in 360 degree VR

BT, the sport’s television channel has already confirmed the broadcasting of champion league final and Europa league final live streaming for free on You Tube with the aim to reach a larger audience irrespective of its paid subscriber base. Adding, more to the excitement for the football fans BT sport is happy to announce that UEFA Champions League final will be broadcasted in 360 degree VR way on Saturday, June 3.

It is for the first time ever in broadcasting history that any champion league would be broadcasted with an incredible new range of viewing experiences. The finals will be available via YouTube and the BT website as well as the BT Sport channels and app. Fans can also watch the matches through a number of 360-degree streams available on YouTube and the new BT Sport Virtual Reality App which will allow viewers to choose between a 360° produced programme with commentary and graphics, or select their own camera viewpoint, all for free.
The Champions UEFA League final will also be available for in 4K UHD on YouTube and 4K UHD with Dolby Atmos sound on BT TV.

BT consumer, CEO, John Peter said: “Making the champions’ league available for free to the mass in UK shows that BT sports group channel are really serious about making sport much more accessible to the public. Adding further the BT said, that VR will offer viewers an immersive view which will increase the coverage. The two of the biggest club football tournament in the world that would be live on social media and on mobile devices making it readily available to minors and traditional television viewers “
BT partnered with YouTube to bring ground-breaking coverage of these two massive games live on YouTube. YouTube senior director in EMEA, Stephen Nuttall, added: Fans today expect quality content on every screen and this partnership delivers just that. The game can be watched in 360 Virtual Reality without a headset; viewers just need to download the new BT Sport VR app from their app store. A minimum of 10 Mbps connection is required for the best 360°VR viewing experience.

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