Virtual Reality headway for automotive industry to switch on Virtual wheels for test drive

Hyundai Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is driving a revolutionary reform in almost every division, fascinating the world with its remarkable features and user-friendliness environment. We all are experiencing its different flavors in different spheres making them technologically robust. Today, through this article we will come to know that what excitement virtual reality have in store to raise automotive industry to virtual standard.
While suited to games and entertainment, VR is here to bring a big effect on the car industry. We’ve all seen various virtual test drive campaigns from around the world, but we haven’t seen one like this, an amazing virtual test drive with upcoming Hyundai i30 getting over with the traditional boring test drive experience. For the launch of the new Hyundai i30 2017, Hyundai Motorsport launched the Hyundai VR with app, which allow users to experience the real rally ride and will also demonstrate how it may change the way we undertake test drives or configure our next car. You can experience a realistic glimpse of the Hyundai i30 in 360 degree views of the interior using the Google Cardboard or with any mobile-based head mounted displays.

The rise of virtual reality technology is set to transform the relationship between manufacturer, dealer and consumer. While some probably fear to bring upon with the change, Llewellyn Motors commenced a new way of introducing vehicles to customers that are yet to be delivered. Llewellyn Motors general manager James Sturges said the virtual reality program created in consultation with Fire Station 101 techno-head Lex van Cooten was the first of its kind. The virtual reality Hyundai i30 test drive simulator allows the customer to sit inside the new model and renders a real like view detailing the interior, exterior, and safety features of the cars
The advancement would impact the dealership making it much effective and time saving, as it will enable to bring the new models straight to the customers, simply by taking the head set to their place, wherever they willing to take a test drive. Ipswich, Australia, Deputy Mayor Paul Tully was the first person to officially test-drive the technology at Fire Station 101 on Friday. He was easily able to navigate the program just with a simple movement of the handset involving little twist and turns. There’s also eye tracking technology that gives the ability to track where the user’s eyes are looking, which help manufacturer, to track how the user interacts with the vehicle’s controls and also helps them to understand how to make it more user-friendly.

In the future, we will go to find many other luxury brands, including Cadillac, adopting virtual reality as a sales tool. This new way of buying a car will attract customers further with the innovative capabilities. The VR Experience will also help retailers to increase the possibilities of making the customers more agreeable with the product and injecting even more fun into the process of buying vehicles. We will keep you updated on virtual reality as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned with VR news and channel for all the latest news of VR world.

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