Undertake Goku’s Signature technique Kamehameha –an ever arching dream going live with ‘Dragon Ball Z’ VR

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Virtual Reality, the most intensive technology heading today has unblocked many possibilities, especially in the field of gaming where gamers can play in a complete different way than ever before, experiencing an immersive virtual world of gaming, generating a sensation as if you are actually present in that world. For example, first person games like flying simulators has become much immersive rendering realistic experiences is all due to VR. Further, with games like Pokémon Go virtual reality and augmented reality gained much popularity and become more affordable and accessible. With the advancement in technology we can now turn our phones into VR devices as well. But, now Pokémon is not the only anime franchise to rule the market as virtual reality also paved the way for some novel gaming concepts such as Dragon ball Z VR has been officially announced in Japan.

Dragon Ball Z is an internationally popular media franchise consisting primarily of a manga series created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. Dragon Ball has its extensive online admirers and is the most frequently searched video game on search engine. It is the adventurous action and comedy story of the lead character Son Goku from his childhood through his adulthood.


Dragon Ball Z has licensed its own VR platform. Japanese toy company Mega House has announced the release of the Capsule Corporation branded VR headset. The headset will easily house a Smartphone that will allow gamers to play a mobile version of the Dragon Ball Z in virtual reality through a Dragon Ball downloadable mobile app. The new set is also bundled with hand sensors and a VR mat to complete the experience. It will allow gamers to draw some exciting moves, as video above will guide you through and demonstrates how it works. Soon, you perfectly get on to the device it will transport you to a Dragon Ball Z fighting ground where you will find Goku welcoming you. It looks like every Dragon Ball fan’s dream come true having a pretty fun experience with, although we are not sure if there are plans to release it worldwide.

According to Kotaku, the whole kit and game, called BotsNew CHaracters VR Dragonball Z, will come out in Japan for roughly 12,000 yen (or about $110). For more such exciting updates on virtual reality gaming and related technology, stay tuned with VR news and keep adding more adventure to you entertainment.


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