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The HTC Vive currently offers the most absolute VR experience that you can get. But, Vive has one unavoidable, disadvantage with it: the tether. HTC Vive is a PC-powered system, which means there is long cord running from the headset to your PC system. Being tethered to the PC it makes VR experience inconvenient and uncomfortable and by cutting that cord things will become easier.

Rather than launching a new version of the Vive, HTC has introduced a cordless wireless adapter. HTC Vive partnered with TP cast and has introduced the TP cast wireless adapter, which helps you connect with the system wirelessly without worrying about the long cord between the headsets and your PC.

The Vive offers you the room-scale VR experience, it tracks your movements in real space and you usually get hampered while interaction with the virtual world. There is no question that a tether-free experience would be superior, but latency is a major concern for comfortable VR experiences. It operates at 90Hz, which translates to 13 ms of motion-to-photon latency. The TPCAST wireless system transmits the HDMI and USB signal to the headset, which is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that hangs on the back of the head strap. TPCAST said it would offer multiple different capacity battery packs that provide 2-5 hours of cord-free VR. It’s easy to attach and use with low latency and integrates well with headset. According to HTC, this is the first application to date that allows the completion of actual retail transactions fully in VR.

The VR news will keep you informed of more such related technology in VR games, so stay connected for more such updates and innovation in virtual reality.

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