To The Top Review: Lightning Fast VR Parkour Is A Must Play

Video games lovers are preoccupied with how things appear with the emergence of the console wars since 1990s. For decades now gamers have been attracted by conception like 8 bit, 16 bit, HD, 4K, “Mode 7,” and also the notorious “blast processing” (the marketing term used to advertise) that makes the Sega Genesis (16-bit home video game console) superior to any other game console.
Today, games have improved far better than they ever used to, but with the time we are missing with very important part of what makes the gaming experience amazing is of course the fun we have while gaming. At the end, all that really matter is how exciting a game is and Electric hat games a new VR platform To The Top(VR climbing and platforming game) promises a full-fledged entertainment.

As so far experiences shared, the game To The Top is not very best looking VR game not even its been counted in top 10s or 30s but in terms of gameplay, music and controls its gradually building its space as one of the favorite fun play game among the VR games lovers. The game is designed smartly with new obstacles and challenges deploying entertaining mechanics.
A basic color coding scheme will let you know what objects you can grab using the triggers on either your Oculus Rift of HTC Vive controllers. By pressing these devices with both hands and then releasing grip will throw you in the direction of your eye. Chaining leaps will let you move faster as you jump, grab, soar and slip your way to the finish line.

To The Top game will not amaze you with mere visuals as its design and interface is thoughtfully created with their own interesting and unique gameplay challenges. Though the game is simple graphic fabrication but it is capable in bringing a smile to your faces following tons of such moment. There are hidden secrets to find for the explorers, offering you to jump around skyscrapers at one moment and diving into the caves at other time. In order to unlock new stages you need to collect a defined number of medals by performing well on past stages. This is the interesting feature of the game’s challenge factor which binds the player for few more hours into an overall gameplay time.
Despite the limitation of multiplayer mode and the horror of inefficient progression gate, To The Top will still be one of the most fun gaming experiences with your VR headset. Its gameplay is addictive, but you will find it addictive.

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