THE VOID – Virtual Reality Theme Park

THE VOID – Virtual Reality Theme Park

VR games have come a long way now .You all must have been to haunted house like places. A place artificially created to make you scare of the spirits like artifacts placed there. Just imagine it has been superimposed with some technical advancement creating a virtual world around you. What type of a mix it would be?? Somewhat thrilling isn’t? The VOID is here to explore that world in reality. Yes, the void has been in news over the last six months, the most talked about adventure in technology. For the first time in technological history, it has proven to be the best immersive virtual reality experience with endless possibilities to explore and originate. Void is just beyond virtual reality, built in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, co-founded by businessman Ken Bretchneider. It can be experienced in a confined area which is specially designed environment for it. Where group of visitors can use a combination of virtual reality hardware and software, including a head-mounted display that will provide visuals and sound for the virtual world. Gamers need to wear a haptic suit which helps in communicating with the virtual world around as it has inbuilt tracking sensors and microphones that tracks their movement and provides a sensory experience and transports user to another world which they can see, feel, and interact with. Moving platforms, fog machines, and heat lamps renders a sensation of VR world physically existing in a place.

It combines virtual reality with the elements of the physical world, like walls, wind, and sprays of water. You walk around and touch things that you see through the VR headset the fantastical world in front of you.  Simultaneously, you can walk around, you can see, feel and touch. It builds a complete physical environment for you, a virtual reality theme park. According to The Void CTO James Jensen, the VOID entertainment center will be open 24/7 hours. You can just go to center and can play all night long. Cool isn’t? Here in one room 10 players could be accommodated at once. Where you can battle, fight and wander through deep jungles, to other planets with robots and aliens, fire breathing dragons and much more.

Hope you enjoyed the information shared here and must be looking forward to be amazed by more such adventures. VR news will soon update you with more advanced technology in VR like Google Tango Phones, hololens reviews and much more, so just stay tuned with us and keep gaming.

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