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How does O-stick Works
Magic Wand is in your hand now – How does O –Stick works ?

Now, magic wand is in your hand, with O-Stick manipulate your virtual world on your tips. If one had the virtual reality experience must be familiar with the O-Stick, which comes in combination with the VR headset to experience the virtual world in a more amazing way. Virtual reality is the next big thing in […]

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ostron vr headset
Ostron VR

Ostron is a Leading VR products manufacturing company in Lucknow, India. A complete abode of VR (Virtual Reality) Products which dispenses services in virtual reality. We are specialised in research and development and are the leading manufacturers and dealers in VR cardboard, Google Cardboard and virtual reality (VR) headset in India. You will find all […]

VR today is segment of ostron electronics which aims to provide you latest update on Virtual reality , Augmented Reality , mixed Reality , Events in short and better way



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