StarVR : First VR headset having 210 degree FOV

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VR games have come a long way it’s more than a game now bringing much more reality into it. To enjoy virtual world around you it requires certain systems and the most important one is the head mounted displays called headset. VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the hottest things in tech these days with headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games now in use by many in homes. STAR VR is also a new headset devised by Starbreeze a game development company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. STAR VR is the first VR headset with a high –spec, unique high-FOV 210 degree field of view. The company had partnered with Acer for design and manufacturing and IMAX – a company known for premium movie watching experience, for marketing and launching the InfinitEye 210 degree FOV VR headset. The shipment to IMAX has finally started which will bring virtual reality to the next level and the world.

The StarVR headset has a huge high-resolution headset of 5,120 *1,440 and has 6 degrees of freedom as capable of positional tracking your head and steps within the space. It resembles like a huge binocular with each headset having twin 5.5 inches QHD Displays it renders full eye movement. It relies on a connection to a computer in order to run programs and games. Its unique feature is 210 degree horizontal field view in comparison to other headsets oculus rift, HTC Vive or Playstation VR which have 100 degree view.

There will be arcade hall made up of STARVR headsets available to visitors of IMAX VR experience centers, which are being opened in London, Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai, where VR lovers will experience the exciting technology in an immersive environment. To check its availability and latest updates on the related technology stay connected with VR news and channels.

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