Spider-Man is Back on PS4 in the Coolest New Avatar

Your childhood friend Spider-man has returned with his coolest new avatar on PS4. We hardly had in memories the Spider-Man game we last played. Spider-Man has not been amongst the ‘cool’ superhero group since long. The major reason behind this lacking interest was the lack of development of any innovative game for the friendly neighborhood hero.

After Spider-Man 2, the college kid is now returning in the coolest new Avatar that we could suppose of. In an annual trade fair for games E3 2017 saw Sony displaying a full-length gameplay of its returning at the Marvel series and this time, Sony did it perfectly.

It made the entire city to rock around with action packed fights along with villains not yet seen in any Spidey movie; the gameplay will make any gaming admirer impatient to get his/ her hands on it.
The gameplay accompanies Spider-man swinging around Manhattan in an epic helicopter hunt; the hunt bangs the similar action-packed sequence in X-Men Origins: Wolverine wherein the Logan takes down a number of helicopters single-handedly.

The new Spider-Man incarnation game is set to arrive on PS4 and PS4 Pro in 2018, will present Miles Morales as the leading character, as per the teaser at the end of the gameplay. Now with this comeback, and the upcoming Spider-Man movie next month, with Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) as his mentor, is quite sufficient to bring back the Spider-Man period all over again.

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