Singapore Schools, hospitals can pave the way for use of VR as learning tools

We all are familiar with the term virtual reality, and its obvious application in gaming. But with the time

we saw that this trending technology is not only confined to games as there a vast uses of virtual reality

in various sector. In our earlier post we have came across many other implementations of technology in

various fields in business, fashion, engineering, entertainment, and education etc. Today, through this

post we will be getting familiar with the use of VR as a teaching tool.

Advancement in technology has always aided growth and development in various sectors. Education is

one of the areas which have adopted virtual reality for teaching and learning. At Singapore, with digital

technology being a key driver of growth have paved the way for schools and hospitals to use virtual

reality or augmented reality technologies as learning tool. The use of VR as a teaching tool for the Social

Studies syllabus has been piloted in five primary schools, namely Beacon Primary School, CHIJ Our Lady

of Good Counsel, Fuhua Primary School, Montfort Junior School and West Spring Primary School.

It will enable large groups of students to interact with each other as well as within a three dimensional

environment. With VR the complex data can be presented in an accessible way to students which helps

them to learn easily in an enjoyable way. Also students can interact with the objects in that environment

in order to explore more about the subject. There are many topics in social studies which if presented in

visual and interacting way can easily be learned and understood. For example, students can learn about

solar system and how it works by physical engagement with the objects, can move planets, and see

around stars in VR.

About 400 pupils in Primary 4 and 5 learnt about early designs of buildings in Singapore by viewing

landmarks such as the Geylang Serai Market through VR. They also discovered creative cultivation

method with the use of high-tech machines, in place of traditional practices such as offshore fish farm,

vegetable farm and dairy farm. Teachers while sharing their views that this is far better than videos as

the content is easily accessible to explore with 360° views while wearing the goggles. However, nothing

can beat getting the real-life experience in some aspects.

At, Infocomm Media Business Exchange conference held at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Convention

Centre, Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim that more can be done with this

immersive technology to improve processes, reduce costs and enhance outcomes, with possibilities to

apply them in the retail, architecture, construction and defence sectors. He made key announcements

on the approaches to take to support Singapore’s digital transformation. His plans are also in the works

to use VR in clinical training at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, via collaboration with the Infocomm Media

Development Authority (IMDA). He said “traditional clinical training are costly and might not able to

represent scenario realistically. This collaboration will develop immersive simulations for basic surgical

skills and complex airway management.

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