Robinson The Journey

Robinson The Journey


Robinson The Journey: A Best Play station VR Game

Video Games are not new to us. We all are familiar with it since our childhood. Crytek a video game developer company keeps experimenting with ways to make games more immersive by implementing new technologies. The most popular and admired technology in gaming these days is virtual reality. Applying that concept to Playstation VR, the developer has released the Robinson- The journey, a virtual reality game. The game uses the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. There are many VR games available now, and it is one of them.

The story showcased a journey of a space traveler boy named Robin, where thousands of passengers aboard a massive starship for exploring a new world. In mid way that spaceship, the Esmeralda, crashes on Tyson III. Unfortunately, and his floating robotic companion named HIGS were the only survivors left after the crash. He got stuck in a planet where dinosaurs still prevails. Soon after lending he met the newly hatched baby dinosaur T-Rex called Laika by Robin. His goal in the journey Robinson was to find what caused the craft to crash and came to Tyson III. He travelled to many places from his home base in the search of the memory cells of non-functional HIGS unit.

The journey is lot like Jurassic park, it is one of the best-looking, most technically graphical impressive games available on its platform- it’s currently an exclusive game to PlayStation VR. It is quite interested and engaging game. The journey is one of the most fun games you have played. So, must play the game in its unique flavor of VR and for more such interesting additions to virtual world keep yourself updated with VR news and share your experiences too on the related blogs.

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