Robert Stromberg’s VRC announces animated VR series ‘Raising a Rukus’

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As people are getting much fascinated by the virtual reality and it successor the augmented reality, waiting with its next surprise move with every passing day, the VR is also getting bigger by every day. The virtual reality gaming development and marketing industries always inclined towards providing us with much more amusement and entertainment rendering much realistic views to our virtual gaming experiences over digital animations. There are many experimental short stories releases till now like Invasion, Asteroids and Robinson – The journey and many more to come. Raising a Rukus is also an outcome of one of such experimentation done with the digital animation.

Los Angeles- based Virtual Reality Company announced a new, original animated virtual reality series on Monday called Raising a Rukus that will be populated both across headsets as well as in theaters. Its first episode will be featured in theaters in Canada this spring, and will get wider dispersal across North America later this summer. This digitally animated short story will take you to through a VR adventure moving around the two siblings and their mischievous pet dog Ruckus traveling and exploring to different worlds having adventure and making magical moments together.

“We’ve all enjoyed animated movies before, but as per the reviews received by VRC’s co-founder and chief creative officer Robert Stromberg on the day release is that Raising A Rukus is first-of-its-kind virtual reality family entertainment movie as we get totally immersed into the world with the characters depicted in the movie”. Each episode in the story series will be 12 minutes in length and will feature moved narrations which will allow users to experience the story from the view of the brother or the sister.

This movie reflects the universal bond among brother or sisters that will fill you up with much emotions and reality where the brother and sister get separated and go out on a short journey to unknown destinations with their own set of problems and struggle they have to face alone. It really adds a unique flavor of pure bond. Co-founder and CEO Guy Primus shared that while creating the Raising a Rukus, are main focus was to tell stories that are universally praised and acceptable and cross cultural boundaries narrative.

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