Ricoh Theta SC

Ricoh Theta SC

RICOH THETA SC a standard 360-degree camera model which can capture 1080p video as well as 14 MP spherical images, launched by Ricoh Company Ltd, a Japanese imaging and electronics company primarily producing cameras and office equipments such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines, document solutions such as print & share and printers too.

RICOH THETA SC Developed as a standard-class model of the RICOH THETA series. A high specification model and a full range of basic features that shows a surprisingly high-definition of things in 360 degrees. RICOH THETA was the world’s first 360 degree camera launched on the market in 2013. It has been used widely in variety of visual fields. It is an exceptional imaging tool creating unique unexpected visual expression using inbuilt spherical images. Now, with the launch of RICOH THETA SC as a high-end model in 2015 it has fulfilled user demand for superior image quality and unique business application. Because of this, it has been admired exceptionally well by photographers and business mass.

The new RICOH THETA imparts quick availability of 360-degree imaging using a high performance CMOS image sensor and large-aperture lens, knocking to the new world of virtual reality. It is easy to transfer captured 360-degree images to Smartphone and tablet computers also offer to upload images to theta and can share on social networks too. It is available in four body colors (blue, beige, pink and white) making it your personalized imaging tool, to enjoy anytime, anywhere

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