Ramanagara ‘Sholay’ soon in VR Avatar

Sholay movie

“Gaonwalooo….yeh Jo basanti hai na basanti issey mera lagan hone wala tha…?” it’s just broke me out with laughter whenever I heard to these lines it reminds me of my uncle doing prank in a marriage when I was in my childhood. Many of you might have grown up hearing lines “kitne aadmi the?” “yunki, yeh kaun bola?”,”aadhe idhar jao..aadhe udhar jao.. aur baki hamare sath aao”, from your parents and others saying these are the dialogues from one of their favorites movie “Sholay”,1975 Indian Hindi-language action-adventure film by Ramesh Sippy. Later, it became the movie, admired by every coming new generation. Also, in January 2014, Sholay was re-released to theaters in the 3D format.

Sholay is the most loved film in Indian cinema with its most iconic characters. Now with virtual reality, the most pacing technology in movies and games, we are happy to share that you will soon find the Sholay characters presented by famous Bollywood superstars and will experience the life of Ramnagar ke vassiyon, soon in VR style. Exactly 37 years after the release of super hit film, Gabbar Singh is set to hit the screen in 3D format. Yes! The movie will be re-released in a three dimensional virtual reality version.
The story revolves around two criminals Veeru(Dharmendra) and Jai(Amitabh Bachchan), who were hired by a retired police officer Thakur Baldev Singh(Sanjeev Kumar) to capture the ruthless dacoit Gabbbar Singh(Amjad Khan) Yes! The most terrifying villain of Hindi cinema whose name every mother uses to coax her children to sleep at night, is set to fear you more, and can see Jai, veeru in very brand new avatar with VR flavor now.
According the Hindu report, the Karnataka tourism department is working to set up a ‘Sholay – the 3-D virtual reality village’ at Ramadevara Betta in Ramanagaram district, where the blockbuster movie was shot. With the total outlay of Rs.7.5 crore, the village will be re-generated to rebuild the Sholay experience and bring its characters to life with three-dimensional (3D) printing aid and virtual reality (VR) technology. The virtual reality village stretches over an area of 42, 184 sq.ft. There are also plans to implement audio and visual equipment, multiple screens, virtual reality headsets, goggles and laser-disc based systems. The 3D version of Sholay, has been much awaited film as the original movie is still watched and loved, the new avatar promises to fascinate you with its entirely new viewing experience.

As, now there would be a permanent existence of all the objects featured in the movie. Like the basanti’s Tonga, the dacoits den where the thakur was captured and the symbolic water tank which veeru threatened suicide, which you can cherish for long and make new memories. Reportedly, Sholay might just get a sequel soon, as there makers have started working on the script. For more such amusing updates stay connected with VR news and channel and keep adding more fun to your entertainment.

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