Prynt’s new mobile printer uses AR to create Harry Potter-style moving pictures

Prynt which presents the first ever instant camera case for Smartphone to print static pictures out of

your telephone within seconds was so in use last month. Now, it’s has moved on to the fast pacing

technology in trend with AR to amaze you with its vibrating features.

Prynt, a startup that has developed a small mobile printer that has been deigned to connect to your

phone easily to produce instant static pictures, has simply launched their newest gadget, known as Prynt

Pocket. The gadget has been built with an amazing feature, which basically transfers every printed

picture a Harry Potter-style enhanced picture. You just need to choose a photograph to print; the app

will frequently upload the quick video clip from the live photo captured, or you can also put another

video to the cloud you choose. Now, every time you scan the static printed image the related video will

overlay on head using AR.

It’s quite amazing add on the slightly unexciting mobile printing trade, for the time you visualize the live

photo to be sure that the content displayed in the video is not showing anything you didn’t intend to.

Also, you will receive a notification, when someone else will attempt to use the app to activate a photo

you printed.

If we look into the hardware, it’s about half the size of the old version. Hence, it’s quite handy and can

easily be carried to the places. The speed of the printer is also improved at a much faster speed. It has

been fabricated into a sliding dock which is compatible with iOS and Android phones of all sizes. Just

plug in your device, take a picture, and get a beautiful photo in your hands within seconds. Prynt pocket

is available for $149.99 in retail.

People who have spent time exploring the device were really impressed by the seamless integration

between the startup’s app and the printer itself. Also, it is noticed that the printing quality is just O.K.

Some pictures ended up looking a little cartoonish, and quality was comparatively low then the pocket

printers of the companies like Polaroid. But still, it’s faster printing speed, AR implementation, and its

easy use makes it far much better than most Bluetooth mobile printers which are very cumbersome to


Currently launching as a Kickstarter, Prynt has since raised $9.2M in funding, and $7 M Series A, which

shuts last year, the startup to be used to build AR functionality. It proved to be a good start, as AR will

also have a comeback in interest as fueled by giants like Facebook and Snapchat. Will soon update you

as more comes on it, so just stay tuned with VR news and channel for more excitement yet to reveal.

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