Prison Break – Michael is alive

Prison Break

Prison break American television serial drama ended in 2009 following a four season run that was broadcasted on Fox. There is good news for prison break fans, as its coming back with its season five and it promises to deliver as much drama, emotion and tension as the original four seasons. In its fourth season it showed the protagonist Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) supposedly died, in order to release his wife, Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) out of prison. But the new season has brought him alive. Fifth season of Prison Break is a continuation of the original series created by Paul Scheuring produced by 20th century Fox Television. It debuted on April 4, 2017, and airs Tuesdays at 9:00 pm.


Prison Break was such a hit due to its ensemble stars- Abruzzi, Bellick, and Haywire. The three original characters are down to return for the new event series. Actors Robert Knepper (Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell), Rockmond Dunbar (Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin) and Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre) will join the previous main trio Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Scofield) and Sara Tancredi. Prison Break series started in 2005 revolving around two brothers tracking the story of Michael Scofield, a man who got himself imprisoned with the intention of freeing his brother Lincoln from prison and clear his name.

At the beginning of the fifth season shot, Sarah sits with their son, now seven years old, asking for his real father. As it can be interpreted from this that Sara has moved on and found someone else, who now acting as a father figure to their son. The characters are set to go on a journey around the world in the new series, which will also see them return to where they started – prison. All the people you loved from the original prison break play a significant role in helping Michael” escape, and Dominic Purcell adds that this revision “is going to better than the original”. It’s unsure which other surviving characters, will be returning, while actor Paul Adelstein reprise his role of agent Paul Kellerman. Also, there will be a logical and believable explanation to why the characters are alive and still moving around the world. Stay tuned with VR news for more such updates on movies and entertainment.


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