Pixie is one of the first to use augmented reality (AR) to help you find the things you’ve lost.

Pixie Wireless Tracker

No more hassles with the lost items, you own a 24hrs private detective in your wallet to help you out!!

Augmented reality has brought to us with the very needed assistance we actually require can’t suppose of having something like this, a smart tracker app called pixie is the newest item tracking device on the market. Trackers are not new to us, but Pixie is one of the first to use augmented reality (AR) to help you find the things you’ve lost. Pixie tracker came on the scene in 2015- an app and tool that turns our phone into a locating device.

It’s the only finding solution that quickly locates misplaced items, and guides you through the lost items in a fun, fast and frustration free way. While it may be impractical to attach smart tag to every item you own but it can help us with some of our important misplaced item like a wallet or set of keys in a much easy way which is actually a very time consuming process.

Pixie is like any other smart tracking devices with a difference that Pixie requires at least two teardrop-shaped smart tags called pixie points- one attached to your iPhone or iPad and another on the object you want to get locate. Each unit measures 47mm*35mm*3.2mmand offers water and dust resistance to IP67 standards. Points remain in constant communication and sync with each other using free pixie app. Each acts as a small satellite, providing distant information in a range of up to 150 feet outdoors and 50 feet indoors. Besides keys and wallet, it can also track travel bags, remote controllers, other iOS devices, and more.

To find the missing item, first click on the item name in the Pixie app. Then perform a panoramic scan of your surroundings, when the desired item has been found, augmented reality “pixie dust “appears on the screen, to show where the item is in the room. Finally, once you are within five feet, with grab it the pixie changed to a” metal detector” mode, giving audible beeps and become more energetic as you come near to the lost item guiding through visual and audio mode whether you are getting closer or farther away from the exact location of the object.

Pixie available in orange, yellow, blue and green colors and holds a built in battery that will last roughly over a year, but its non-replaceable, you have to eventually discard and replace it. All points have come with adhesive backing- just peel and stick – and the sealed case is water resistant, able to withstand being submerged in shallow water for up to 30minutes, sold in pack of two ($50) or four($100). Finding lost item with pixie is a little like playing Pokemon Go, keeping track of the important items in your life. So, just stay tuned with VR news for such more technologically robust amazing helping hands to live up your life with much ease.

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