Paula the AR salesperson is ready to help you to take up with your order.

Shopping has always been fun, sometimes due to massive discounts we get or the other time due the company of our besties. But, now it’s going to be far amazing with some new wonder. The instigation may affect the salesperson in the long run as robots have started to acquire their place executing their task to cater customers while shopping. Yes, you got right!! Now, at your shopping zones you will be tailored by the robot salesperson in near future.

German tech store Saturn is experimenting with an Augmented Reality alien called “Paula” to boost their merchandise products. The retailer has started testing and experimentation with their augmented reality salesperson with customers in 20 select stores through Microsoft hololens. Paula will guide you with specific in- store products to the wearer, which includes products like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Surface Pro 4, and Dyson Big Ball hoover.

The lively white-and-black invention will march ahead of customers with its strange loose hanging legs guiding and explaining various products. Participating visitors will even be given a photo of their experience with the Big Paul as a memoir.
“Customers will be able to discover a new shopping experience in which virtual items are displayed in real environments, hence ‘augmenting’ the perception of reality”

Chief Digital Officer of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, Martin Wild, said: With the Saturn Holotour we will able to experience an innovative technology as Saturn. We demonstrate our customers what fascinating opportunities the AR and VR technology can provide and give an insight into the shopping of the future, while at the same time customers will also get familiar with the new trending technology.

Markus Rohm, a German journalist who tried out Paula while sharing his experiences with the Paul said that it feels like flying octopus in the store, following an invisible cartoon around a shop wearing bulky glasses. He also added the technology needed some work in the retail sector as users lose sight of Paula because of the too small vision of the field.
Although, Paula is still in its early stages which is definitely a smart marketing strategy and gripping use of the hololens technology. Will soon update you as more comes on it, so just stay tuned with VR news and channel for more excitement yet to experience.

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