Now Computer have an Eye on you Revealing everything in your Brains

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Elon Musk’s new startup wants to merge human brains with computers – Now computer have an eye on you revealing everything in your brains

We know that, computers are man-made but with its evolution it has given birth to the information technology and have revolutionised its world so far and many more discoveries yet to be uncovered. We have become so dependable that we cannot imagine our world without them. Even we rely on it for our daily basics needs. Till now, it was our helping hand but now it will be our mind reader too. “No more need to visit to astrologers or hallucinatory as computers will unfold you in a much exact way”.

Yes, this will definitely give you Goosebumps but this soon will go to happen. The billionaire and entrepreneur Tesla Motors Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. founder Elon Musk has launched another company called Neuralink Corp. through which computers could combine with human brains. The company is working on the technology what Musk calls the “neural lace” science, where tiny brain electrodes would be implanted into the computers that may one day upload and download thoughts, according to a report in Wall Street Journal. The concept is not an uncommon one but the technology behind it is very much in its infancy.

An official announcement is yet not done by the Musk, but Neuralink has been registered in California as a “ medical research “company last July, and he plans on investing in the company mostly by himself as per the briefing received from the journal. Elon Musk is funding in the science to help humans keep up with robots.

Musk has long indicated his intention to enter the arena of brain computing and also briefed his perception for the neural lace science and technology concept at the Recode’s Code conference last year. For him the plan is all about marking the beginning of bringing together man and machine intelligence. It is yet unclear what type of products Neuralink might create, but people who have had discussions with the company describe the strategy similar to Musk other companies, SpaceX and Tesla. In recent weeks, the company has also hired the leading academician enthusiast in the related field, the journal reported. We will update you soon with the latest news and arrival of the latest technology in working. So, just stay tuned with our VR news to know what next is going to happen soon in this technology and all about its launching and implementation.

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