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vr headset

Nintendo, one of the world’s largest video game companies has always sought to revolutionize gaming consoles as we know it. It has recently released its Nintendo Switch a home video game console developed by Nintendo on March 3, 2017. The Virtual reality is the most trending technology in gaming these days and new rumors have revealed that Nintendo could be about to join hands with the pacing trend. The Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima in an interview with Nikkei said that Nintendo team is working to incorporate the virtual reality feature with its upcoming portable/docked hybrid switch console and are looking at ways to how to make the technology comfortable so that it can support virtual reality in one or the other form someday. The switch has a 6.2 inch tablet, so it is understood that comfort is the bigger hurdle to overcome first. However, it’s not the first that we have heard about Switch VR headset. Many Switch patents filed in June 2016 surfaced on NeoGaf similar to high-fidelity Smartphone VR devices like Gear VR and Google Daydream, PlayStation 4’s PlayStation VR headset.

A patent has emerged from the Japanese gaming company for a “HMD” (Head Mounted Display) describing how the built-in sensors could let the headset detect movement, while the detachable controllers would work with the VR system. VR on Switch would work similarly it does with the other Smartphone VR headset. There would be a sliding switch unit on the top of the accessory to form a head-mounted display. To enhance immersive experience with the gaming console a user would view the switch screen through lenses. Switch’s Joy-Con controllers can be used wirelessly; a player would be able to insert the display into this device, wear around their head and interact with a game using the controllers. It’s not sure whether it would work great for mobile VR but it’s going to be more powerful than average phone-powered headset. But the patent showed that device is VR potential and will be seen for more accessories to be devised for the console. So just stay on top with VR news for many more such innovations to come under VR world.

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