Nintendo Switch Pokemon game LEAKED? Wii U favourite may be coming to new console

Nintendo switch games list is expected to be little lengthy now to choose game from, as new Pokémon game is soon to arrive with upcoming Nintendo switch console Wii U, a home video game console developed by Nintendo, which is the successor of Wii that was released by Nintendo in 2006. The disclosure has been leaked via a Japanese retailer website. It has been in reports from quite some time that Pokémon game is likely to come to the Nintendo Switch.

Though switch is on the way to widen its amazing catalogue of games, but its other household Nintendo games (Pikmin, Super Smash Bros and more) are extremely required in order to keep the consoles moving up. But many sources had revealed that Nintendo has plans to release a whole revised game around E3 2017, which would be pronounced as Pokémon Stars. However, another Pokemon game from the Wii U era is set to be ported over to the new console.

The unproven evidence was first encountered on the website for sinobi, who were selling a new arcade stick claiming that the stick is compatible with the fighting games on the Nintendo switch. But fascinatingly, they confirmed its connection to pokken tournament, which is the short- lived Pokemon- themed fighting game that arrives to the Wii U in 2016. However, the listing has since been updated and cleared all mentions of the Pokken game.

As per, people had conceptions that the player would be receiving downloadble content on Wii U after its centered version which took in Japan on four additional characters in the form of Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, and the rather bizarre Croagunk. Earlier Pokemon were not so admired over discontinued console now, which is why fans had their hopes set so high for something along the lines of a “Pokken Tournament Deluxe” on the Nintendo Switch.

Capcom’s new fighting game release of Street Fighter XXX last week has attained a considerable applause, also Wii U version of the game managed to hit into the top 10 games sold in March 2016, so it won’t be so absurd seeing the Pokemon Company porting the game over.

As with anything that’s not been officially announced, we have to wait having a little piece of it. But with the Nintendo E3 2017 amusement just around the corner, it does not so early knowing more about Pokken Tournament port.

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