Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Another Game This Week | Flip Wars is coming soon.

A new Nintendo Switch game will launch on the European Eshop later this week. Nintendo of Europe has announced that multiplayer action-puzzle game Flip Wars is coming to the Eshop on July 6. It is unclear at this stage whether the game will come to the US and Australia on the same date.

The game is centered around trying to change as many squares on the board into your color as possible. A number of items can help you in your mission, while environmental hazards like water waves and electricity can also mix things up. It supports both local and online multiplayer and a variety of game modes, some of which focus more around defeating your opponents than coloring in their squares.

The colorful title originally launched in Japan in May under the name Battle Sports Mekuru. We currently don’t have a price for its western release, but its Japanese price tag of 980 Yen translates to around US $8.66.

Recent additions to the Switch Eshop include roguelike Gonner and ACA Neo Geo title Magical Drop II, while last week also saw the launch of the first Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC pack. The system’s next big release comes on July 21, when Splatoon 2 arrives.

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