New PS VR Racing Game Features Cars “Drifting Around Your Feet”

Brighton, UK based, Futurlab, award – winning game studio which have released the sequel title Velocity 2X and Surge Deluxe made an announcement that it’s working on a new game for the PlayStation VR.

The game entitled Tiny Trax, is described by the studio as a “slot-car racing game”. Participants take charge of small toy cars and make them race around dissolving tracks having twists and loops. In the game’s news trailer, Futurlab showcased some of the few tracks that will probably be featured. You will be able to take a look on the uploaded videos.
The early sight of the game environment looks quite beautiful; it will drive you crazy with its cartoony, vivid colors and the background characteristics.

Tiny Trax favor PS VR, the tracks will be seen from a top-down perspective while gaming. According to Futurlab’s PlayStation Weblog post, likely, there would be 12 tracks constructed around you in ‘slap-me-in-the-face this is great’ VR. Tiny Trax from its store will bring to you the full entertainment action with tiny revolving cars descending past your nose, jumping overhead and floating around your feet.

The game platform features an online multiplayer for up to four people; also you can race against three other AI-controlled vehicles. The environment will offer you total six cars to choose from.
The released date of the new game is yet not announced by the Futurlab; also it’s doubtful if Tiny Trax will be playable without PS VR. The game developers are well – known for their work on Velocity 2X, a shoot-’em-up for PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and PC. We will update you as more comes on it just stay tuned with VR news and channel with more excitement yet to relish.

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