Meta AR headset: Nothing is virtual bring everything into real

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So, far virtual reality is something that immerses you completely in a world that only exist in digital arena it gives you an illusion of real world while interacting with it. There are many VR games available for VR headset and Google Cardboard. Whereas if we talk about augmented reality it mixes both real and what’s computer generated enhances what we see, hear, feel and smell it takes the real world from the present and infuses digital images and sound into it. Augmented reality adds to the reality you normally see it does not replace it. Where digital objects such as 3D models or videos are projected onto our view of reality as if they were really there. In simple words, it imparts life to your real existing objects.

The type of augmented reality which you most likely to experience uses a range of sensors, computer components and a display device to create the illusion of virtual objects in the real world. The two biggest video game consoles, the Xbox and Playstation, have augmented reality capabilities where you can see yourself in the game and can interact with the game characters as if you all are sharing the same room.

Meta, the augmented reality technology company, has introduced the Meta headsets to bridge the gap between the virtual reality and real world. The Meta headsets are the head mounted displays that can be worn over your head you can wear the headset with your glasses too. Here you just have to use your hands to use the device as you normally do in your daily work. Hands are the tools people use to engage with their environments. The Meta headset sensor makes positional tracking possible to see, grab and move holograms just like physical objects. You can also pick and work with objects such as pen or paint brush. It gives you a new kind of operating system where you can arrange your holographic apps and objects and lay out your workspace and things exactly where you put them and can even interact with the holograms simultaneously.

You just need to put on meta headset on your head, and do hand gestures, your hand gestures and position will be tracked by the sensors inbuilt in headset and inputted into the system which can be your PC or laptop paired with your device. The headset will display the holograms and digital content. Now, your world would be your desktop background, allowing you to turn window application. So, keep adding more fun to your excitement and stay updated with VR news for latest technology innovations.


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