Marvel superhero movie ‘Black Panther’ is making history even before its release

Marvel comics character based an upcoming American superhero film Black Panther is set to be released in the United States on February 16, 2018, in IMAX. The film is Marvel Studios production distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and it’s an 18th film of the series. Its midway through 2017 and the moment is about to arrive for Marvel and DC Comics to amaze us with what they have planned for the next year.

Black Panther not only possess the desirable list of talent (Chadwick Boseman, Angela Basset, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B Jordan), but it also narrates the story of a black superhero, the first character in the MCU( Marvel cinematic universe). Black Panther also happens to be operational by Marvel’s first African American director, Ryan Coogler, their previous acclaim includes Fruitvale Station and the Rocky reboot Creed, both of which starred Jordan.

The movie showcases the fictional kingdom of Wakanda, a strange arena where technology and tradition have combined to construct a true paradise. In the essence of Marvel’s excessive love of continuity both the hero and his kingdom have been presented to viewers in Captain America: Civil War (2016). The latter not only showed the sight of Wakanda in the post scene, but also provided an extensive confront with its king and defender, T’Challa, the reformed ego of Black Panther. Played by Boseman, T’Challa’s gravitas and air of tragedy, along with his obvious martial skills, instantly earned him a large number of fans.

Black Panther emerges for short duration after the events of Civil War. T’Challa, who lost his father in civil war attack of terrorist, is uninterestingly taking the lessons of what it helps to be king. When he returns from his tragic trip to the US, he is confronted with every ruler’s nightmare. Wakanda is rich in natural resources – the fictional metal Vibranium, which was used to make Captain America’s shield. Vibranium is the source of Wakanda’s wealth and technological development.

T’Challa made his debut in 1966, is the first black superhero in mainstream comics. T challa who shows his position as leader of an advanced African nation, is not an American though. T’Challa is more than just his muscles, he is symbol of African, not just African American, pride, and brings to life a sense of fame and perfection. Marvel’s decision to give its storyline in hands of an African American director is especially important. In an interview Coogler commented that Black Panther is his “most personal movie” yet.

With all these releases on Black Panther, it’s of no surprise that fans are eagerly waiting for 2018. As the king of Wakanda accounts for the popularity of the motion, but the newscast showed Boseman, Coogler, and the rest of the crew also not disappointing. We will update you as more comes on it just stay tuned with VR news channel.

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