Make Your Workout feasible and effortless through VR Fitness Game with your childhood friend Super Mario Bros.



Old friends may stay apart but they always have in their store a lot of love and care for us. They are the ones who are truly concerned and also act as a mentor at times through our ups and downs. Here one of our childhood friend have come up with same level of excitement enhanced to much advanced platform to cherish the same golden days once again with enhanced technological innovations and also to help out mass with its health fitness enjoyable technique. It’s none other than our Super Mario one of our favorite video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo entertainment system home console. If we give a thought for a while what actually we used to do while playing Mario? Yes, you got right every time we also used to jump and run in excitement when we see Mario doing the same, as if we are instructing him to do all the gestures in the Mushroom kingdom. At that time we used to do it unknowingly of the fact that it’s also imparting us a sort of workout while playing.

Now, after being deeply analyzed through the whole process by its developers it has finally been incarnated into a true fitness game with the help of the most happening and pacing technology virtual reality. It would be everything you ever wanted in a game and a workout. Super Mario Bros., the first game launched back in 1985 was a leader in every sense of the word for Nintendo entertainment system, but few knows that it was the first Mario game it was series of the launch title to play in arcades. Over 40 million copies were sold, making it one of the most successful video game in history. It’s an amicable game with plenty of fun. The player heads the Mario with the aim to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil named Bowser. Mario’s younger brother, Luigi, can also be controlled with a second controller if another player wants to come in action. Mario fights through all sorts of enemies, ranging from goombas to hammer brothers, koopa troopas and bowser moving from left and right of the screen, and conquering most of the enemies with the simple jump on their heads, also picking fire flower and shooting fireballs. With the goal to stay alive until the flagpole is reached. The reason behind why super Mario is so fun due to its interactive interface where user can interact in unique fashion at every stage. His smashing up into question mark boxes that emit coins, mushrooms, fire flowers and all sorts of goodies that helps him to proceed through stages.
Now, if Super Mario Bros. were extended to virtual reality hardware, it would likely to break all sorts of video game sales record. Mario in VR could be played from the first person or third-person perspective but when it played from the first-person would make the virtual landscape feel much more immersive. The player would wear a head mounted VR headset to see the Mushroom Kingdom in a much realistic way. Motion tracking controllers would have to be connected, so that the hardware could detect leg and arm movements.

Super Mario Bros. in virtual reality way would be an excellent game to play for fitness purposes. Due to its immersive environment it will stimulate you to jump, run, swim, and throw items and would help you to burn several hundred calories if you even played it for an hour. It is the perfect game for VR-fitness orientation because the game requires a physical motion in abundance to conquer enemies and reach the flagpole. This virtual reality headset received few fan following yet it certainly broke new ground. So, for now we can only hope that upcoming Nintendo’s console will include a headset that will offer Mario fans and fitness freak people to enjoy this gaming series in virtual reality way. For more such updates on VR world and related technology, stay tuned with VR news and channel and do check us regularly for the latest updates.

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