iPhone 8 Arrival May Surprise You with Augmented Reality Way


Last year, at the launch of the iPhone 7 it was speculated that the device will house a smart connector but it just ended with the rumor, and now again there is buzz that upcoming iPhone8 has been upgraded to the smart connector feature. It widely believed that the iPhone 8 will also feature facial recognition functionality, improved camera technology, improved internals and much more. But, we couldn’t expect it for sure until it actually delivered to the end users. It has been reported that Apple is diligently working on a new iPhone feature to integrate augmented reality technology into the iPhone 8 cameras and trying to make AR one of the iPhone 8’s defining feature. With the addition of the Smart Connector the port will not only allow users to charge their iPhone while using lightning port for headphones or other accessories, also it will connect to augmented reality accessories.

The way the apple is seeing towards implementation of the augmented reality into the iPhone is multifaceted. For instance, Apple envisions enabling iPhone 8 users, coupled with Apple’s upcoming iOS11, to point their camera at an object and learn information about featured object. Also, Apple might want to build in functionality that would allow the iPhone camera to recognize and manipulate faces. Some also, believe the iPhone 8 may utilize AR to enhance the gaming experience. Wireless charging rumors have been also floating around for a few months now. Inductive charging through a smart connector might see as a disappointment by users, but if it could be resolved into some other solution it would be easier to use than using a big charging pad. To be true, don’t expect wireless charging coming to the iphone up to at least two or three years.

There is also in news that Apple TV will also be upgraded with some AR/VR technology later this year. Details on how it will work are yet not clear. iPhone users have to wait until September for which of the rumor is set to come soon in reality with the upcoming iPhone 8. It’s no more hidden that Apple has made a number of augmented reality attainments and hires over the past few months. For example, Apple hired Zeyu Li, a vision algorithm engineer who previously worked with Magic Leap also hired a research scientist Yury Petrov who is working on the Oculus Rift from the past three years. The latest acquisition is with Flyby Media, an augmented reality start-up that let mobile users to see the world around them. To summarise, a highly efficient member team has been organised from all over the corners to bring out the next-generation technology to the masses soon. Apple CEO Tim Cook can’t help but found speaking in glowing terms when asked about AR, that it tends to be extremely secretive that company is planning to implement in near future. So, just wait for the moment to arrive what Apple upcoming iPhone 8 bring in store for us, and stay tuned with VR news and channel for more such amazing stories yet to arrive.

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