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The HTC Vive is a wonderful part of technology. You will get amazed visually, physically and sensationally entering into an unimaginable world. HTC Vive is the first of its kind virtual reality system, developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, released on 5th April 2016. Describing it to someone is sort of a challenge as describing a video game to someone who had never played it before.

It has been designed into a headset to experience virtual world around you. It has been built for room-scale VR, which can turn your room into 3D space via sensors, and allows you to physically move around objects in the virtual space. It is an adjustable headset and has multiple adjustments to give relief to an eye and facilitate lens distance making Vive clear and comfortable to use. Hundred of VR games and HTC Vive games for Steam VR can be enjoyed here. Steam VR is Virtual Reality Platform; it offers 360 degrees, full room VR experience. It has an additional feature called a Holodeck experience, equipped with Hololens. As per Hololens reviews it generates a plot for device or a confined space in which user can experience a computer – generated physical environment, allowing the users to see hear and interact  also move freely and position themselves accordingly into that limited area.

HTC Vive consists of wireless controllers especially designed for virtual reality to have natural and real interactions with the virtual world. Also, with Steam VR Tracking support it provides a high-level experience whether you play seated, standing or in room -scale space.

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