HP and Acer VR Headsets Available For Pre-Order Today Starting At $300

Microsoft made an announcement that VR headset developer kits from Acer and HP can now be pre-ordered by the developers in US and Canada and not meant for the consumers yet. The headset will work with Microsoft’s upcoming windows 10 mixed reality platforms, pre-order from today onward can be made starting around Acer ($299) and HP ($329). Delivery of the headsets is scheduled for August 2017.
The headset, which will ship this summer, its hardware is not expected to change too much before the system start shipping to developers and when released to marketers towards consumer in a push planned this holiday season, but right now, if you want to buy and try them, they will only be usable with windows 10 in development mode. This means that to actually do anything with the headsets before it is made available to consumer end you’d need to be a developer.

Both HP and Acer headsets feature LCD displays which are supposed to be less expensive than the OLED displays that are used in Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive. Acer and HP screens may lack in providing smooth and comfortable visuals in comparison to those expensive screens, but we had a chance to experience the headsets at build 20 17 and they were quite impressive. Also, nothing can be assumed firmly before you actually experience the headset.
Now, going into the specification we learnt that the headsets have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which is quite good for gaming. The controllers support full six degree of freedom and do not require an external camera to track them. We also learnt at build 2017, that the technology used in positional tracking is something similar to what we have seen on the hololens. It’s just not the positional tracking with the camera on the headset that keeps the controller in place in the virtual world. There are limited human body functions too. Hence, the Microsoft has designed the controller keeping in mind the limitation of the movements rather than limitation of the controller’s tracking capabilities.

Though, Acer and HP headsets have been announced, Microsoft told at build 2017 that they have partnered with a total of six OEMs – Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, 3Glasses and Lenovo, to launch Mixed Reality capable headsets. As these headset have an external tracker, Microsoft told that the next version will implement inside out tracking. Will soon update you as more come on it, so just stay tuned with VR news and channel and keep adding more thrill to your entertainment zone.

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