What is Oculus Touch? – Shake hands in Virtual Reality

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Today with this disclosure you are going to have sparkling Goosebumps. Before going into the discussion that how the oculus touch works, we should first know what the oculus touch is.

You all must be aware about the VR headset and VR glasses in India, the first of its kind was the Google cardboard in India, which helped us to experience virtual world in more realistic way through vision and sound.

The first thing we need to make in the virtual world is the vision, where we can experience it through sound and vision. At times while interaction we feel like to touch the things displayed on the screen. We actually want ourselves to get on the things. Touch is what we do every day without even thinking about it. The first thing we actually want is of course the touch, which is something we were missing in virtual reality.

Oculus touch works with the oculus rift headset, it is a pair of tracked controllers that render natural hand presence, and it’s a natural interaction than a traditional controller or a wand. It gives you a feeling that virtual hands are actually your own. Oculus touch is a new VR input device. So, oculus touch is supposed to make you feel as though you are using your own hands, rather than a gamepad like the Xbox one controller in a virtual reality environment.

This type of input will take people to new virtual reality experiences than ever.

How does oculus touch works?

The touch controllers add your hands to the virtual world, introducing Oculus Rift platform to some new experiences. Touch controllers help you to interact with the virtual world with your virtual hands. It gives you complete liberty to manipulate things as per your will. You can interact with objects, can point a people, can thump up, and can poke them; grab things throw them around and much more. You will as if you are talking to some other person standing right in front of you.

Oculus touch consists of two controllers and you use one controller in each hand. Each controller consists of 6 buttons and a thumbstick (it is an input device for a controller that is used for two-dimensional input). On the handle, you’ll find a trigger button for your index finger and a grip button for your middle finger. You will find analog trigger on the shoulder of the controller, there are two analog triggers marked as left and right, and serves both digital and analog capabilities.


The triggers on the Touch controllers are analog; the harder you pull, the stronger the input. There is also a mechanism – called hand trigger- that replicates the feeling of firing gun. These Oculus touch uses the IR LED constellation tracking system.


There is a matrix of sensors mounted throughout the device which lets the controller recognize a set of communicative hand poses, such as pointing, waving or even thumbs-up. The oculus touch controllers really complement a platform that was noticeably missing an element of virtual reality interactivity. 


Instruction to follow when setting up your Oculus Touch controllers for the first time,

  1. Make sure your handset is connected.
  2. Open the Oculus app and launch it on your PC computer
  3. Click the menu icon in the upper right to open the drop down menu and select settings.
  4. Select configure Rift and then select Add Touch
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your left touch controllers and then do the same procedure to configure your right touch controller


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