How does oculus rift tracking works

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How does Oculus Rift Tracking Works

VR Technology news, here to introduce you with some more exciting features. We all must have worn helmets over our heads while riding for safety on roads, but this helmet is going to take you on amazing ride to a different world, a virtual world. Where you can run around, fly, shoot, and can do much more you had ever imagined of doing it in a gaming world. This all can possible due the Oculus Rift, which is a head mounted display where you can place your Smart Phone at optimal distance and can experience a virtual reality in a more real way. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality handset developed and manufactured by Oculus VR.

Let’s, know how this Oculus Rift works and creates an illusion of realistic virtual world around us. Oculus has gone through long evolution process accompanying several iterations, theories and experiments before presenting you 2D monitor in virtual 3D games.

The rift makes this possible by using a pair of goggles that displays two images side by side, one for each eye. The screens have embedded optical – based constellation sensors that helps in positional tracking and monitors the wearer’s head motion and adjust the image the accordingly. With the innovated use of positional- tracking sensor head movements can be tracked more accurately. Constellation sensors are able to track HMD (Head Mounted Displays) and Oculus touch both. It is featured with 360 degree vision tracking.

There is a series of infrared implants in to the headset which are monitored by this constellation wireless sensor called rift tracking system. A set of lenses is placed on the top of the console, which focuses and reshapes the picture for each eye and creates a 3D image space around you, rendering you a sensation that you are looking around a 3D world.

Rift tracking is a mandatory requirement for virtual reality to work well, because its tracks and positions the head movement by registering the exact position of your headset.

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