Magic Wand is in your hand now – How does O –Stick works ?

How does O-stick Works

Now, magic wand is in your hand, with O-Stick manipulate your virtual world on your tips. If one had the virtual reality experience must be familiar with the O-Stick, which comes in combination with the VR headset to experience the virtual world in a more amazing way. Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming. There is long list of VR games available for games lovers. Ostron electronics VR Company in India brings to you an Ostron VR headset in India with O-stick (a stick based controller) which works well both with the VR headset and Google Cardboard to produce a wonderful immersive VR experience for you. With this combination you can interact with the virtual reality content seamlessly presenting virtual reality to life, simply and efficiently.

The use of wands while interacting with the virtual environment is not a new concept. There are many ways to interaction within the virtual environment. There is much hardware like joystick for locomotion, 3D mice for selecting and moving objects etc. But all these approaches were not very flexible while interacting with the virtual world as generates obstruction for regular users.

Hence, another innovation added to virtual reality where we can easily navigate through environment or to grab and manipulate objects . The use of O-stick offers very simple and natural interface to the virtual world. The user is in the role of magician giving commands by pointing the wands.

O- Stick enables the user to interact with the virtual environment in a similar way we communicate in everyday life – for example “move that box” where the box is selected by hand gesture or pointing.

The posture recognition has been implemented in an innovative way in the designing of O-Stick.  The posture tracking covers the entire dimension where you can select or deselect the available options as per your choice. The O-Stick recognizes swapping or moving of stick left, right, forwards, backwards, up and down accepting command and working accordingly. Hence it’s quite easy to use.

With VR news you will be continually surprised with new exciting features of virtual gaming world. So, keep adding more thrill to your entertainment.


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