How does HTC Vive Room Scale work


Virtual reality devices are the next generation of computing. Of all the virtual reality headsets, the HTC Vive was the technically advanced, offering full spatial tracking. Room- scale VR (room scale virtual reality) allow user to move around the confined space using VR application such as virtual reality gaming. There are many VR games and HTC Vive games which can be enjoyed by wearing VR headset (the head mounted displays) or Google cardboard which brings virtual world to us just by sitting in any of the corner. Like playing with your playstation VR sitting in any corner of your room.

With stationary (seated or standing in place) VR you don’t have to worry about users having enough space and the setup is quite simpler. The only thing found missing that it did not support full 360 degree space. HTC and Valve have come with their latest innovation to eliminate this drawback. They have the build the room scale the standard for VR. Room – scale VR uses a combination of movement and VR headset tracking within a dedicated area to simulate movement in the virtual environment.

To set our room for HTC Vive Room scale to work we have to make some simple arrangements. First, we need to make some space and clear some floor space between the base stations. This area should be at least 2 meters by 1.5 meters or around 6.5 by 5 feet. Make your controllers and headset ready in a location visible from the base stations. Now you need to locate your monitor point your controller at your monitor and pull the trigger with your index finger to continue. Then place both controllers on the floor visible to the base station, press calibrate button and wait for calibration while it completes.

Now measure your available space that should be free from any obstacles that you might collide while wearing the headset. Hold the trigger in your hand and walk around into the space from ceiling to floor. Further, click the next button to submit the chosen to play area or you can customize the size and position if not appropriate for your working. Now, you have successfully set up your room scale area now you can move around and can enjoy the virtual world in a more realistic way.

Hope, you find the information useful for operating your HTC Vive room scale. So, stay tuned with VR news for more such amazing updates.

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