Hollywood vets’ VR shop releases its first animated short

An animated virtual reality series Raising a Rukus that was announced to be released across headsets as well in theaters last month by Los Angeles- based Virtual Reality Company was featured in theaters in Canada this spring. Vancouver, British Columbia, located A.K.A. cartoon Canadian animation, in collaboration with VRC (Virtual reality company) working with Steven Spielberg has released out its first animated VR project,” “Raising a Rukus,” for Samsung Gear VR headset this Thursday.

This digitally animated short story will take you to through a VR adventure moving around the twin siblings and their mischievous pet dog Ruckus on an adventure traveling and exploring to different worlds is available in oculus store for $3.99. Raising a Rukus is the company’s first animated short movie and is expected to be the first of a series. It involves bifurcating points, where the viewer can choose a character to follow.

VR, the hottest trending technology employs a headset which offers us to get totally immersed into the world with the characters depicted in the movie, attracting huge investments by giants like Facebook and Google. But the story weakens to bind in mainstream due the inefficiency of finding the appealing content. Companies like VRC are among those presenting the content in a fascinating way marking them as a leader in the new entertainment format.
VRC is best known for helping make “The Martian” virtual-reality experience, based on the 2015 Matt Damon movie, and for collaborating on another family-oriented VR project with Steven Spielberg.

The chief creative officer of VRC, Robert Stromberg, said in an interview in March about the making of the short: “I wanted to bring those same elements that we enjoy in cinema but experience it in a new way – immersing with the characters rather than seeing them through a window”. Stromberg is a two-time Oscar winner for working on “Avatar” and Maleficent, also involved “Guardians of the Galaxy” screenwriter Nicole Perlman and Skywalker Sound. Will soon update you as more comes on it, so just stay tuned with VR news and channel for more excitement yet to experience.

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