Google Earth turned to Magic ball with VR allowing you to explore the world on your tips anywhere anytime

google earth vr

In childhood you all might hear in stories or seen in TV dramas about the magic ball a toy used for fortune- telling, seeking advice and exploring through distant places. At that time we always quest to have one such toy. So far, Google has found a way of letting people visit anywhere in the world without leaving your place allowing you to live your unfulfilled dream of your childhood.
In November the search giant Google first released a free virtual reality version of Google Earth compatible with HTC Vive. Now, Google Earth has taken virtual reality to new heights with this innovative application it has come up with an upgraded version of Google Earth VR a feature that offers you to search for any destination in the world using an address or location name with the help of headsets. It gives you the ability to search quickly your destination, whether it’s a childhood home or favorite vacation spot.

The enhanced virtual reality software now will works on Oculus Rift too with support for Oculus Touch Controllers. It has added 27 new high-definition locations including a Disney-style palace in Germany to help you discover some of the world’s most incredible places. In Some locations you will slip through a seemingly 3D world. It lets you explore the world from a complete new outlook in virtual reality. Joanna Kim, product manager at Google VR stated that it is something so powerful that renders us to fly over destinations just by pointing anywhere in the world. The software works like Google Earth or Google street view which is simple to use through this you can ascend over landscapes and cities, stand on top of Mount Everest, peak or explore the Antarctic ocean and the outer space as well, discovering locations you didn’t even know existed. As it’s now rebuilt for room scale VR, the feature menu offers various options such as changing view, zooming in or out and flying over selected destination. The world is so vast hence at times you will find it scary while traversing through. So, to allow users with best experience Google has integrated cinematic tours and hand-picked destinations. Pre-saved coordinates helps to visit some of the applications most amazing locations like Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji, Stonehenge or even some of the outer-space locations.

The Google Earth VR app is available to download for free from the Steam store and Oculus store. Currently, the service is only available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift but Google promises to launch Earth VR across all platforms by next year. We will keep you updated on virtual reality as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned with VR news and channel for all the latest news of VR world.

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