Get into the Universe of caterpillar with Coachella’s hallucinogenic 120-Foot VR arena

This time in Coachella it was not a festival of music or art. There was no Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, or even lady Gaga, no Selena Gomez and the weekend’s PDA, either. Instead, the biggest show was a huge dome comprising giant neon caterpillars, alien landings, and vibrating geometric shapes producing electrifying surroundings, transporting attendees to another hallucinating world, but no hallucinogens was used actually as everything was real and live.
The virtual reality show, presented in the dome is called as Chrysalis. It’s a virtual reality adventurous trip far different from what we experience through Google enabled VR headsets, whom many of VR admirers are familiar with. The virtual reality show at Coachella festival can be seen through naked eyes as no additional apparatus required to watch it as we usually require staying in VR. It’s a total eight minute show projected onto the ceiling of 60-foot high constructed dome (a round building, or room) to serve the purpose. The viewers just has to lean back and look up to enjoy the show little similar to our childhood planetarium shows.
Chrysalis is the immersive story of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar, took 3 months to develop by Obscura Digital, a San Francisco based studio. The outcome of their months toil is a steel and vinyl dome outfitted with 108 speakers, 15 projectors and 500 seats that together impart an immersive experience to the viewers. While sitting in a dome it will give you a sense as if you are inside the chrysalis cocoon taking you away from one sphere to another within the same realm.

Art Director, Emmett Feldman at Obscura said that we done several visual projects created an immersive 360-degree sphere in Dubai and built a dome for NASA honoring the space shuttle program, but this Coachella task was something new. The project involved two teams working separately on video, technological and architectural aspects. Usually, two projectors are enough to create the fade for the region in the center where the images meet. But Chrysalis dome required 15 projectors to cover its entire surface. Obscura team created an automatic system which calibrates the feeds after each eight minute to create the blend and which reduced the task of manually aligning the large number of the overlapping images.
The caterpillar metamorphosis played for than 60,000 people at Indio, California where the dome was arranged to live the show. But as now the fest is over the physical dome will stay with the Coachella team, who plan to bring it to the Panorama Music Festival in New York City this July. No matter, wherever the dome goes or where audience sees it, the obscura expecting that chrysalis will introduce VR fans with greater immersive adventure. We will soon update you will the latest updates as more come on it, so stay tuned with VR new and channel for latest innovations yet to arrive.

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