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Virtual Reality is growing steadily every day and coming up with their more advanced features and technical innovations in their products. With the evolution of FOVE VR now you can have virtual experience just on your eye click. Make an eye contact look, laugh, and communicate naturally with virtual characters and other players. It provides you two-way interaction experiences in virtual world. FOVE is the first virtual reality headset that uses eye tracking. It’s a Tokyo based development start up.

FOVE technology uses infrared to track your eye movement as well as head accurately and patiently, uses high resolution screen. It renders a natural focus creates a sense of presence and immersion. The sensors within the device track the user’s pupils and registers the slightest movements allow the user to interact with virtual characters by making eye contact with them. Make eye contact and convey emotions with virtual characters you will find their reactions changed when they are watched.

The FOVE headset hooks to a gaming computer, just like the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE. By calculation FOVE enables software to present virtual environment with realistic feel improving immersion, align the eyes to relax when viewing object. By enabling fine control with the eye significantly it uses simulation and discards unnecessary movements. With FOVE artificial intelligence becomes more responsive with eye tracking we can create a natural true interface which makes you sub conscious with FOVE. You can fully integrate with human expressions into every day VR.

The VR news will keep you informed of more such related technology in VR games, so stay connected for more such updates and innovation in virtual reality.


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