First virtual reality escape room in Romania launches in Bucharest

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Romania begins to be the first home to virtual reality escape room launched in Bucharest, named as Fifth Dimension. An extension to Romanian entertainment market, with an initial outlay of EUR 70,000. The center is equipped with all the advanced technological amenities of the latest manufacturing and a first online gambling game establishment-Cosmos.

The players need the possibility to wear Oculus Rift helmet, which generates various sensations, sounds and realistic images and use of photographs in virtual environment. Gamers will also have a liberty to navigate seamlessly and interact in the game with the hands using leap motion sensors without using joysticks or other varied controllers.


Alexandru Petre, founder and managing partner of Fifth Dimension Gaming Center said that before launching the center, a lot of research has been carried out because the concept which they were planning to bring in existence includes several components: virtual reality, escape rooms, strategy games- things that they needed to familiar with, so that the Romanian public can be rendered with unique and up to the point experience. He has added that over 75 percent of the investment was generated by the technical aspects and the licenses for the games that they have done as a sign of respect for the local market. In addition, he also reviewed that Romanians are good experts at technology and are much passionate towards every novelty in the field and hoping that the new concept will fascinate them as it has done us.

The First dimension is located on Transylvania Street 5 in Bucharest. The VR center offers three rooms, each one of which includes four locations, being open daily between 12:00 and 24:00. For all the latest news in the world of virtual reality stay connected with VR news and channel, do check us regularly for latest happenings in VR arena.


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