Dating going cheaper with virtual reality

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Friends and dating is the natural way of communication among human beings. It’s a basic need and very common among humans, still the topic itself brings the same level of excitement and zeal whenever raised. It would always be the hottest topic to discuss bringing some uniqueness with it every time. Relations follows a cluster of emotions, sometimes it is cheery and another time its gloomy accompanied by heartbreaks and loneliness. How it would be an idea, if we have some all time mate to cherish. Yes, with the advancement of technology it is possible now. You put on your virtual reality headset and get yourself immersed into that artificial world rendering a realistic feel, isolating you from your friends and family. But it doesn’t have to be that way all time.

VR has many dimensions which are yet to be experienced, as there are several virtual reality platforms that actually try to bring people together. Yes, you could use social reality to bid bye to your friends. Also, you can use it to make new ones. Let’s see how.

Altspace VR is a virtual reality social platform that lets you to catch a comedy show, join Dungeons & Dragons game, attend a meet up with developers, make friends, play chess, or just hang out and watch TV with other people. The software is easily available to download for Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR. You just need to create an account and login to get on to the fun. The company has restructured its interface to focus more on the social facet, making easier for people to find activities and other people to hang out with on the platform. Altspace VR is basically an online chat room, like you do any other chat with a difference of virtual environment, also with voice. The characters are cartoony and the simulation is not so immersive always, since the technology is still in its earlier stage. It might take some time to get on with the technology, but once you get familiar you can easily hang out with friends who are at distant, to spend time with your family if you are in different city, or can go on a virtual date with long- distance partners and to meet new people. There are several VR social platforms and applications available like HULU, vTime, Oculus Rooms, Netflix etc.; you can choose any according to your interest and device specification. For more updates on VR stay tuned with VR news and do check us regularly for more such novelty in VR world.

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