Da Ji the Nine-Tailed Fox Coming to SMITE Console This Week

Last month before, the god Ganesha was the new addition to the Smite world, an online third-person multiplayer video game, and now the new god is set to join the battleground welcoming another latest god version to the SMITE pantheon this week. The new god character inclusion should undoubtedly amuse junglers as the latest patch is the nine-tailed fox – Da Ji. Due to which, the latest addition is named after her, entitled “The Nine-Tailed Terror.”

Da Ji is a Femme Fatale nine-tailed fox with ample bust and revealing clothes. Though, she’s genuine evil. Da Ji was a daughter of the ruler of the Shang dynasty Lord of Su. The king Su due to small country was conquered by King Zhou. The king presented his daughter Da ji in order to withdraw his troops. Later, king Zhou fell in love of her to such an extent that he started obeying al her words. Emperor Zhou was obsessed with the desire for the Goddess Nu Wa. She sent signs and notes to stop him but he didn’t dissuaded. At night, he slipped into her temple and inscribed her dirty undying love for her on the walls. The goddess could not bear this dishonor and impurity. Nu Wa called for the most conniving and wicked fox spirit with the intent to spiral emperor life into misery.

For thousands of years the nine-tailed Fox spirit had lived, finally in human form, it assumed the irresistible semblance of Da ji or you can say an incarnation of a Da ji into a nine- tailed fox spirit evil and to Emperor Zhou, she could do no wrong. She took redressal of her abuse, by animosity and torturing the people of his empire due to which the people overthrew his ruler and forced him to take his own life. She managed to escape and lived to soak up every last cry of anguish from her enemies.
Though the game is out on the PC for a while, players have found her to be on the weaker end of the spectrum, but possibly this will change as more possibilities and builds will be explored for her kit.

Passive – Torture Blades
Da Ji’s sharp claws make her enemies to bleed when struck by her Basic Attacks. Bleed Damage causes the enemy to take Damage every 1s for 2s and can stack any number of times on the same target.

Horrible Burns
Da Ji heats up her claws, causing her next successfully hit Basic Attack to Burn the object, dealing instant Bonus Damage and additional Damage every 1s for 3s.
Bonus Damage per Stack: 2%.

One Thousand Cuts
Da Ji hit with her claws at nearby enemies. Performing 4 strikes over 2s that hit all enemies in line. These hits apply the Bleed from Torture Blades. Da Ji gains increased Movement Speed, immunity to Slows down, and her tails reduce damage by dealing with the enemies who are behind her.

Spirit Link
Da Ji selects a single allied opponent and teleports to their location. Upon arriving at the target, she emerges out with her claws, creating Damage and applying the Bleed from Torture Blades to all enemies around her.

Pao Lao
Da Ji named her signature torture device, the Pao Lao. As she hovers above the device, she gets 3 shots to fire chains at enemies below. At the end, the chained enemies are pulled to the Pao Loa, becoming astounded and then taking additional damage of 3 ticks over 2s. If a god hit by this Ability becomes immune at any time, they broke the Chain on them.

Apollo’s Racer Rumble limited time game mode will also be releasing with “The Nine-Tailed Terror.” In due course, it will be replaced by a new Adventures event, which is yet to be announced. We will soon update you as more comes on it so just stay tuned with VR news and channel for more such excitement yet to be released.

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