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Nintendo just announced another classic console for game lovers

Nintendo is doubling down this holiday season. In addition to the red hot Nintendo Switch, the company said Monday it will have a new standalone mini-console on store shelves, this time focused on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. News of the classic edition instantly set the gaming world ablaze, with users of Reddit and Twitter […]

Moss VR – New VR Game (Big things come in small packages)

Moss is more than just cute — it’s maybe one of the most artful and thoughtful representations of what virtual reality has to offer. Developed by Polyarc Games, Moss hovers somewhere in between first and third-person gameplay. The player can control Quill, a tiny but mighty mouse protagonist, and is also able to interact with […]

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Nintendo Release Schedule, a Intelligent Step

It’s frankly hard to believe just what a great job Nintendo is doing when it comes to the Switch’s release schedule, and I thought it deserved closer examination on its own, especially after we got new release dates at E3. Here’s Nintendo’s amazing released schedule going back to launch: March – The Legend of Zelda: […]

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winter is coming and now it’ll be more long in season 7 | GOT 7

David Benioff and D. B. Weiss creation an American fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” a television sequence seems to break stuntmen-burning records. The Forthcoming seventh season of HBO’s “Games of Thrones” is all set to feature longer episodes than any previous season. As visitors seen on the wall of the HBO websites they have upgraded […]

Hyundai Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality headway for automotive industry to switch on Virtual wheels for test drive

Virtual reality is driving a revolutionary reform in almost every division, fascinating the world with its remarkable features and user-friendliness environment. We all are experiencing its different flavors in different spheres making them technologically robust. Today, through this article we will come to know that what excitement virtual reality have in store to raise automotive […]

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