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Carbon Studio’s New Release | The Wizards

Carbon Studio’s VR adventure spellcasting game The Wizards will hit Steam and Oculus Store on July 28th. The game will be priced at $19.99 and will come out in Early Access. The Wizards is a VR spellcaster that fulfills players’ childhood dreams of becoming powerful wizards. In the game, players cast spells with hand gestures […]

New VR Video Game is Coming From The Makers Of ‘District 9’.

Neill Blomkamp, the director behind District 9, Elysium and Chappie, wants to make a video game. He just needs to the find the time first. Blomkamp is no stranger to video games. He’s cited Portal 2 and the Halo franchise as inspirations for scenes and weaponry in his movies. Most recently, he used E3, one […]

Moss VR – New VR Game (Big things come in small packages)

Moss is more than just cute — it’s maybe one of the most artful and thoughtful representations of what virtual reality has to offer. Developed by Polyarc Games, Moss hovers somewhere in between first and third-person gameplay. The player can control Quill, a tiny but mighty mouse protagonist, and is also able to interact with […]

360 Degree Video
Watch UEFA champions league final in 360 degree VR

BT, the sport’s television channel has already confirmed the broadcasting of champion league final and Europa league final live streaming for free on You Tube with the aim to reach a larger audience irrespective of its paid subscriber base. Adding, more to the excitement for the football fans BT sport is happy to announce that […]

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HP and Acer VR Headsets Available For Pre-Order Today Starting At $300

Microsoft made an announcement that VR headset developer kits from Acer and HP can now be pre-ordered by the developers in US and Canada and not meant for the consumers yet. The headset will work with Microsoft’s upcoming windows 10 mixed reality platforms, pre-order from today onward can be made starting around Acer ($299) and […]

Virtual Reality
Applications of AR and VR in Shopping

It’s fair or foul, fighting is something all couples do. Fights with the one we love are truly different; it is genuine or sometimes insignificant too. There are many reasons hovering behind it, but one of the main is shopping. It’s one of the daily show where we see couples quarreling over, as wife want […]

AR/VR Accessories
HTC Space VR
HTC, Space VR to launch world’s first VR satellite

We all are familiar with the term ‘Virtual Reality’ but are unsure about the vast application of the technology. The dominant virtual reality application of the technology is obviously in gaming, but there are various uses of virtual reality like in military, education, telecommunication, business, engineering, space etc; some of which are more challenging or […]

Hyundai Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality headway for automotive industry to switch on Virtual wheels for test drive

Virtual reality is driving a revolutionary reform in almost every division, fascinating the world with its remarkable features and user-friendliness environment. We all are experiencing its different flavors in different spheres making them technologically robust. Today, through this article we will come to know that what excitement virtual reality have in store to raise automotive […]

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