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Daily intelligencer
Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor in 6 Steps

The reactor is attached to an old heart rate monitor strap and it’s powered by a 3 volt battery pack that just slips in my jeans pocket. It’s light weight and is comfortable to wear for several hours at a time. In the photos below you can see how bright it is- it easily shines […]

new release
ASUS’ Tango-powered ZenFone AR with whopping 8GB RAM to Launch in US by End of June

Zenfone Smartphone developer Asus has officially revealed its second ever world’s first AR Google Tango enabled and daydream ready Smartphone in a series of android phones designs. The ASUS’ ZenFone AR was initially showcased during a CES (Consumer Electronic Show). The Smartphone has gained considerable recognition for its augmented – reality feature. After a month’s […]

AR/VR Accessories
HTC Space VR
HTC, Space VR to launch world’s first VR satellite

We all are familiar with the term ‘Virtual Reality’ but are unsure about the vast application of the technology. The dominant virtual reality application of the technology is obviously in gaming, but there are various uses of virtual reality like in military, education, telecommunication, business, engineering, space etc; some of which are more challenging or […]

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