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batman games
Batman Arkham VR finally comes to Oculus Rift and Vive

DC comics based character Batman: Arkham a series of action adventurous video game, the first-person virtual reality Batman experience that was earlier confined to the PlayStation VR, will be soon available for both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive later this month. With this extension you will be transported to new worlds of VR […]

New in VR
Sholay movie
Ramanagara ‘Sholay’ soon in VR Avatar

“Gaonwalooo….yeh Jo basanti hai na basanti issey mera lagan hone wala tha…?” it’s just broke me out with laughter whenever I heard to these lines it reminds me of my uncle doing prank in a marriage when I was in my childhood. Many of you might have grown up hearing lines “kitne aadmi the?” “yunki, […]

virtual reality
Robert Stromberg’s VRC announces animated VR series ‘Raising a Rukus’

As people are getting much fascinated by the virtual reality and it successor the augmented reality, waiting with its next surprise move with every passing day, the VR is also getting bigger by every day. The virtual reality gaming development and marketing industries always inclined towards providing us with much more amusement and entertainment rendering […]

Breaking news
Robinson The Journey
Robinson The Journey

  Robinson The Journey: A Best Play station VR Game Video Games are not new to us. We all are familiar with it since our childhood. Crytek a video game developer company keeps experimenting with ways to make games more immersive by implementing new technologies. The most popular and admired technology in gaming these days […]

HTC Vive
vr headset
TPCAST – A Wireless Solution of HTC Vive

The HTC Vive currently offers the most absolute VR experience that you can get. But, Vive has one unavoidable, disadvantage with it: the tether. HTC Vive is a PC-powered system, which means there is long cord running from the headset to your PC system. Being tethered to the PC it makes VR experience inconvenient and […]

THE VOID – Virtual Reality Theme Park

THE VOID – Virtual Reality Theme Park VR games have come a long way now .You all must have been to haunted house like places. A place artificially created to make you scare of the spirits like artifacts placed there. Just imagine it has been superimposed with some technical advancement creating a virtual world around […]

New in VR
vr headset
StarVR : First VR headset having 210 degree FOV

VR games have come a long way it’s more than a game now bringing much more reality into it. To enjoy virtual world around you it requires certain systems and the most important one is the head mounted displays called headset. VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the hottest things in tech these days with […]

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