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Nintendo just announced another classic console for game lovers

Nintendo is doubling down this holiday season. In addition to the red hot Nintendo Switch, the company said Monday it will have a new standalone mini-console on store shelves, this time focused on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. News of the classic edition instantly set the gaming world ablaze, with users of Reddit and Twitter […]

Moss VR – New VR Game (Big things come in small packages)

Moss is more than just cute — it’s maybe one of the most artful and thoughtful representations of what virtual reality has to offer. Developed by Polyarc Games, Moss hovers somewhere in between first and third-person gameplay. The player can control Quill, a tiny but mighty mouse protagonist, and is also able to interact with […]

Breaking news
Nintendo Release Schedule, a Intelligent Step

It’s frankly hard to believe just what a great job Nintendo is doing when it comes to the Switch’s release schedule, and I thought it deserved closer examination on its own, especially after we got new release dates at E3. Here’s Nintendo’s amazing released schedule going back to launch: March – The Legend of Zelda: […]

Pokken V/S Tekken ?

Although it has elements in common with Tekken, producer Katsuhiro Harada wants to make it very clear that Pokken Tournament is not a re-skinned version of Namco Bandai’s fighting game franchise. In an interview with Famitsu (via Kotaku), Harada voiced how much he and his team were creating Pokken Tournament to appeal specifically to Pokemon […]

E3 2017: New Yoshi Game Coming To Nintendo Switch

Another new game named Yoshi Game has been announced for Nintendo Switch, during annual game trade fair E3 spotlight presentation today. For now, it’s simply been entitled as “Yoshi”, and it’s set to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2018. The game was spotted at the show along with a look at gameplay. Similar to other […]

Spider-Man is Back on PS4 in the Coolest New Avatar

Your childhood friend Spider-man has returned with his coolest new avatar on PS4. We hardly had in memories the Spider-Man game we last played. Spider-Man has not been amongst the ‘cool’ superhero group since long. The major reason behind this lacking interest was the lack of development of any innovative game for the friendly neighborhood […]

New Pokken Tournament Game Confirmed for the Nintendo Switch With Five New Characters

Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo switch welcoming the new Wii U fighting game Pokken Tournament on the device soon. The game titled Pokémon Tournament releasing this fall with its new exciting features solely to the Switch version on September 22, 2017. Pokémon tournament DX would be the first Pokémon title for the Nintendo Switch. The […]

Nintendo Switch eShop Adds Its Second New Game of the Week

Nintendo eShop, the online distribution service powered by the Nintendo network for Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Wii U have added another game alternative on the eShop. Nintendo Switch eShop is the successor to both the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop. Nintendo asserted that it his second new release of the week. The newest inclusion […]

Nintendo is finally letting you play classic games on its hot new console

Kyoto, Japan headquartered Nintendo, the world’s largest video game companies has revealed idea for its long-awaited online subscription service. The service will allow gamers to have access to older Nintendo games and playing them on its new console, the Nintendo Switch. The commencement of the new service is scheduled to arrive in 2018 that will […]

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