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Tech Behind The Glowing Bails | Cricket Stumps

You must be wondering “why do the stumps and bails light up the moment they are knocked down?” The moment the ball hits the stumps or the wicketkeeper knocks them they go red. It is the use of LED technology in the field of cricket. As an audience, we so want to see the stumps […]

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HP and Acer VR Headsets Available For Pre-Order Today Starting At $300

Microsoft made an announcement that VR headset developer kits from Acer and HP can now be pre-ordered by the developers in US and Canada and not meant for the consumers yet. The headset will work with Microsoft’s upcoming windows 10 mixed reality platforms, pre-order from today onward can be made starting around Acer ($299) and […]

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Hungry Shark is the Latest VR Game from Ubisoft

Rennes, France headquartered video game developer giant Ubisoft Entertainment after fascinating the VR fans with its two games release, i.e. Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within, for high end VR platforms, are now set to come up with its next title Hungry Shark turning to mobile VR for Daydream platform. You must have seen in movies, […]

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You can buy a Fallout 4 alien blaster replica for $400

TriForce, New York based a high-end maker of video game replicas from some of the most recognizable video games such as Mass Effect 3 Geth pulse rifle, an XCOM 2 beam pistol, Miss Moxxi’s SMG from Borderlands 2 etc, have now introduced the officially licensed FALLOUT 4 Alien Blaster Full-Scale Replica. The alien blaster is […]

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vr dragon ball z
Undertake Goku’s Signature technique Kamehameha –an ever arching dream going live with ‘Dragon Ball Z’ VR

Virtual Reality, the most intensive technology heading today has unblocked many possibilities, especially in the field of gaming where gamers can play in a complete different way than ever before, experiencing an immersive virtual world of gaming, generating a sensation as if you are actually present in that world. For example, first person games like […]

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Virtual Reality classroom can help for Autism children

  Autism is a disorder related to growth and development of a brain. The children who are suffering from autism face difficulties in communicating and adapting well in the community as they face difficulty in interpreting what others think and feel. Therefore, there is need to design such effective e-learning method to ease the communication […]

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Prison Break
Prison Break – Michael is alive

Prison break American television serial drama ended in 2009 following a four season run that was broadcasted on Fox. There is good news for prison break fans, as its coming back with its season five and it promises to deliver as much drama, emotion and tension as the original four seasons. In its fourth season […]

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vrtoday dating
Dating going cheaper with virtual reality

Friends and dating is the natural way of communication among human beings. It’s a basic need and very common among humans, still the topic itself brings the same level of excitement and zeal whenever raised. It would always be the hottest topic to discuss bringing some uniqueness with it every time. Relations follows a cluster […]

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