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Robinson The Journey
Robinson The Journey

  Robinson The Journey: A Best Play station VR Game Video Games are not new to us. We all are familiar with it since our childhood. Crytek a video game developer company keeps experimenting with ways to make games more immersive by implementing new technologies. The most popular and admired technology in gaming these days […]

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VR Headset
Google Daydream : A new VR Plateform Release by Google

Google has always come forward with cheap and robust technology affordable by mass, when it comes to virtual reality. The first virtual reality products presented by them the Google Cardboard to introduce people with virtual reality concept and to generate promote interest and development in the technology. In 2016 Google introduced Daydream, a new virtual […]

THE VOID – Virtual Reality Theme Park

THE VOID – Virtual Reality Theme Park VR games have come a long way now .You all must have been to haunted house like places. A place artificially created to make you scare of the spirits like artifacts placed there. Just imagine it has been superimposed with some technical advancement creating a virtual world around […]

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fove vr

Virtual Reality is growing steadily every day and coming up with their more advanced features and technical innovations in their products. With the evolution of FOVE VR now you can have virtual experience just on your eye click. Make an eye contact look, laugh, and communicate naturally with virtual characters and other players. It provides […]

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ostron vr headset
Ostron VR

Ostron is a Leading VR products manufacturing company in Lucknow, India. A complete abode of VR (Virtual Reality) Products which dispenses services in virtual reality. We are specialised in research and development and are the leading manufacturers and dealers in VR cardboard, Google Cardboard and virtual reality (VR) headset in India. You will find all […]

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vr headset
HTC Vive – Give Life to your imagination

The HTC Vive is a wonderful part of technology. You will get amazed visually, physically and sensationally entering into an unimaginable world. HTC Vive is the first of its kind virtual reality system, developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, released on 5th April 2016. Describing it to someone is sort of a challenge as describing […]

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