Bahubali 2: The Conclusion will be soon available in VR way on PVR’S VR lounges

As virtual reality has taken over the world of movies and gaming, it has proven to be the most treasured realistic virtual gaming experience till date.  This would be a double amusement for VR lovers and Bahubali upcoming sequel fans, as they will find their hero in a new avatar with latest blend of VR technology and for those also who have yet not tasted the flavour of virtual reality. Yes, you heard right, PVR has tied up with HP India to launch Asia’s first virtual reality lounge at the ECX mall in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. PVR is working with the team of the blockbuster movie Bahubali to bring their content to the newly launched virtual reality lounge, said Gautam Dutta, CEO of PVR cinemas at the launch of the VR lounge in Mall of India, Noida. Initially free for the first 15 days, ticket will be priced at Rs.75 to Rs.100 for 15-20 minutes access to these VR lounges. Movie goers can enjoy a mix of movie trailers, content varying from gaming, educational to entertainment.

Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor was the special guest at the inaugural event of the PVR VR lounge, and had a mind blowing VR experience on the inaugural event, he got so much fascinated that he feared that it will might swept away the audience from movie theaters as they may stick to the VR experience. While VR content is truly immersive, it will not drive the audience from the movie theaters, as it can’t be viewed more than 15 minutes due to weight of headset and feeling of dizziness. PVR will launch 10 more such lounge across India; will three each in Delhi and Bengaluru.

The PVR’s company is spending between Rs. 22- 24 lakhs per show viewing, and will continue to invest more in expanding the number of locations for the VR lounges. So, just keep updated with the VR news and do check us regularly for more novelty and adding more fun to your excitement every day.


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